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Episode 74 – Maker Faire!


We had a brief hiatus, but we’re back!  Recording at King Richard’s Faire didn’t work out, so this one was recorded at Maker Faire (well, just after) – apologies for the audio quality, we are recording in Joe’s car, so there is background road noise.

Guest(s): Joe, Julie, Mike, Christine

Drink of the Show:

No drink of the show, we were on the road.  Don’t drink and drive, kids!

Topic of the week: Maker Faire!

Some of the things we saw:

  • Spinning wool
  • Cat Hair Yarn
  • 3D printers
  • Katy Perry the Unicorn
  • Toothpick World
  • Pancake Printer
  • Paper Robots
  • Talks
  • Mochi Mochi mini knitting
  • Arduino
  • Raspberry Pi
Maker Faire videos are online, check ’em out!

End Music:

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