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Episode Delayed

This week’s episode is delayed a little – it came out at 2 hours, and I thought I’d try something new – rather than post the whole thing, I’m going to edit it into two parts and post them separately.  Requires a little more editing, but should be ready soon.

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No episode! Podcast Fail!

Adam had family stuff, and I have been tied up in work (announcement about that next week)… so no podcast this week.  =(

I might put together a mini podcast tonight just so you don’t have to go too long without hearing my dulcet tones, I wouldn’t want people to go through withdrawal.

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We Have Merch!

Ok, so maybe I’m jumping ahead, getting merch set up before we have many actual listeners, but I went ahead and did it anyway!

I ordered myself a t-shirt to test the print quality and see if the image needs any adjusting.  I used a high-res version of the logo, so it should be pretty sharp.

You can get your merch here:

Looks like some of the merch there might be cropped wrong (clock, keepsake box, bumper sticker), but it’s a basic store so I can’t edit any of that.  Maybe in the future I’ll spring for a premium store with all the bells and whistles.  Anyway, the t-shirts and mug looks like they’ll be nice.

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New Cover Art!

Thanks to my friend Raoul Kim for this amazing cover art for our podcast!  It’s spectacular!

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It begins…

We recorded the first episode!  I’m editing it tonight, may not finish but should be able to get the first episode published and on iTunes this week!

Of course, no one knows we exist yet, so I’m the only one reading this.


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